President Trump Pardons Alice Marie Johnson, She Hits Back At VILE Media

( Alice Johnson, the African American grandmother who was freed from prison by President Donald Trump, received a full pardon in the Oval Office this week.

65-year-old Johnson received five concurrent life sentences in 1996 for a non-violent drug charge. She was a first-time offender and faced spending the rest of her life in jail, despite using her time behind bars to improve herself, become an ordained minister, and work for several charities. Johnson spoke at the Republican National Convention praising the president’s action introducing criminal justice reform in the United States and helping people like her improve their lives.

On Friday, she joined President Trump in the White House where she received a full pardon from the president. They prayed together.

Don’t forget that President Barack Obama refused Johnson’s request for clemency three times. Even in the last days of the Obama administration, the country’s first black president refused to take action on an obvious case of injustice that was ruining the life of an African American woman and her family.

Naturally, leftists have tried everything they can to make President Donald Trump look bad and to smear Johnson along with him. The nasty remarks from the press and Democrats prompted Johnson to hit back, responding to a tweet from Politico saying she was not a “prop.”

“She’s been propped up as one of the most prominent beneficiaries of the terms of the First Step Act,” the outlet said. “Kim Kardashian played a role in her prison release.”

Johnson hit back during an interview on Fox and Friends.

“What amazes me about the things that are being said is that another former prisoner spoke at the Democratic National Convention last week, and she was not called a prop for choosing to speak there, yet I don’t have the choice to speak where I want to,” she said. “I’m not a prop and I’m not a puppet. I make my own choices as to what I’d like to do.”