President Trump Re-Election Campaign Sues New Jersey Over Hybrid Voting Plan

( The re-election campaign for President Donald Trump has sued New Jersey over the state’s plan for the election this November.

New Jersey’s hybrid model will mail all residents a ballot and give them the choice of whether they want to vote by mail or do so in person.

Joining Trump’s re-election campaign in the suit are the New Jersey Republican State Committee and the Republican National Committee. They are asking courts to overturn the executive order issued by Democratic Governor Phil Murphy.

The lawsuit claims Murphy’s order undermines the authority of the legislature to decide how and when to hold elections. It also alleges the “system will violate eligible citizens’ right to vote” and “fraudulent and invalid votes dilute the votes of honest citizens and deprive them of their right to vote in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

New Jersey isn’t the only state that is going this route during the coronavirus pandemic, though. Eight other states and Washington, D.C., also plan to mail ballots to all registered voters for the November General Election.

Murphy said the hybrid model is the same one the state used for primary earlier this year. He said:

“We mailed ballots to folks who were registered in either party. We mailed applications to those who weren’t. And we also provided in-person voting capacity at least 50% in each county and at least one location in each municipality. It was a success. Not perfect, but overwhelmingly a success.”

Murphy said New Jersey benefitted from having already done this before, as it allowed officials to learn lessons and make some adjustments for the upcoming presidential election. This time around, the state will “have more presence of secure drop boxes, make sure there is that physical in voting capacity, and as it relates to mail-in ballots, the good news is in a general election, it doesn’t matter what party you’re in, everybody gets a ballot,” Murphy said.

People who still would like to vote in-person can do so, Murphy said. For those people, the state will “do what we call ‘provisional voting’ because the folks won’t necessarily know at the voting location whether or not whether you actually already mailed a ballot in. That’s what we did in the primary. Little bit more cumbersome, but it works.”

Trump’s re-election campaign also sued Nevada over its similar plan to mail absentee ballots to all registered voters. The lawsuit in that case reads:

“The RNC has a vital interest in protecting the ability of Republican voters to cast, and Republican candidates to receive, effective votes in Nevada elections and elsewhere.”

When he signed the executive order that instituted the state’s policy in early August, Nevada Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak tweeted:

“I signed AB 4, which ensures protections for Nevadans to vote safely at the November election during the pandemic. During this global pandemic, I made a commitment that we’d do all we can to allow Nevadans to safely cast a ballot in the upcoming November election.”