President Trump Ready To Send Stimulus Checks, But Not To Illegal Aliens

( Millions of Americans could soon be receiving another round of stimulus checks, as soon as Congress makes a move.

President Donald Trump said recently that the federal government has $300 billion it can use to fund a second round of stimulus checks. And while he says he could probably do it on his own — as he did with boosted unemployment money — the president said he’d wait for Congress to approve the funding.

One thing Trump said he wouldn’t be willing to do with a second round of stimulus checks is give them to “illegal aliens.” In the first round of payments, most undocumented immigrants were ineligible to receive the funding.

The House Democrats’ HEROES Act would make some of these people eligible for the second round, as well as give them a retroactive payment for the money they didn’t get in the spring. But the president said he will have none of that.

“They came into the country illegally, and how we give them a check? We want to give the checks to the American people,” he said.

While negotiations on a fifth coronavirus stimulus package have stalled, one point that the White House, Senate Republicans and House Democrats seem to be on the same page about is another round of stimulus checks. While a final number hasn’t been determined, it’s likely to be similar to that of the first round of payments.

That stimulus check was $1,200 for individuals earning up to $75,000, and $2,400 to families earning up to $150,000. It also added $500 for each dependent child.

However, this provision hasn’t moved forward because the two main negotiating sides are at a standstill when it comes to a larger stimulus package. The Democrats originally wanted a package that totaled more than $3 trillion and included funding for a broad range of programs. Republicans, meanwhile, want to try to keep the total number under $1 trillion to limit the amount of money that’s added to the country’s deficit.