Priebus Says Trump Should Demand SIX Debates with Joe Biden

( Reince Priebus, the former White House Chief of Staff and chairman of the Republican National Committee, told Sean Hannity on Fox News that President Donald Trump should demand six debates with Joe Biden before the November presidential election.

Speaking to Hannity, Priebus said the key to President Donald Trump winning his re-election in November is allowing the public to see more of Joe Biden. His argument was likely understood by the majority of Hannity’s viewers who will have seen the viral videos in recent months showing Biden getting confused by questions and sometimes appearing to forget where he is.

“Terry McAuliffe [former chairman of the DNC] is saying the obvious, which is less of Joe Biden is better,” Priebus said. “’We’re just going to make the race about the incumbent,’ and that’s what you do when you are the challenger. But here’s the problem…he can’t hide forever. And my advice to the Trump campaign is to not accept the commission’s three-debate limit. I think the debates are going to be very important. I think the president is going to eat up Joe Biden in the debates.”

Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been one of the least visible Democratic candidates in history. Biden has been able to get away with being so quiet during his campaign because of the Chinese coronavirus, locking himself in his Delaware home and only appearing on occasional live streams to talk about his candidacy. Now though, as state economies begin to reopen, people will expect to hear more from Biden…and it that’s where it could all go wrong for the Democrats.

“I think they should say we want six debates, not three debates in September and October because of COVID and all the other restrictions, have as many late-game changes as you can while the economy is healing,” Priebus added.

He said that eventually the American people, who at least according to the polls appear to be turning away from President Trump, will seek out the president again as Biden appears more incoherent.

“And so, the debates will make a big difference,” Priebus said. “My advice is blow up the three-debate commission limit and double it and go for that at the end of the campaign. They should focus on that like a laser beam.”

What do you think – will more of Biden reveal his incompetence or does he have a real chance of performing better against Trump than Hillary Clinton did?