Professors Warn That CCP Is Planting Spies At Their Colleges

( A shocking report from The National Pulse just revealed that three professors from universities in New Zealand who lecture on Chinese history and politics believe that spies representing the Chinese Communist Party may have been infiltrating and spying on their classes to obtain information about what is being taught about China overseas.

Dr. Stephen Noakes from Auckland University, according to the report, explained how non-students turned up to one of his lectures and appeared to be “gathering intelligence” while they were there. He described how on one occasion, a person whom Noakes didn’t recognize was in his lecture theater and taking photographs.

The professor described how it made him feel “incredibly uncomfortable” and after he followed up to identify the person, they never turned up again.

Another lecturer was Catherine Churchman from Victoria University. The professor, who teaches Chinese history, described how a man attended one of her classes and asked her about what she taught. When the lecturer asked the man why he was in the classroom, he told her that he was a “visiting scholar.”

She informed the man that he should not be in the classroom, and told him to leave. That same man, according to the report, was seen leaving a bus near the Chinese embassy in Wellington.

Finally, Anne-Marie Brady, who gives classes at Canterbury University, described how people would frequently attend her classes who should not have been there. She described how many people simply observed, there was one woman who attended her class in 2019 who was “intimidating” and “disrupted” and needed to be forced out of the class.

Given the huge amount of resources and time that China spends on making sure that the rest of the world reports positively on China, it makes sense that classrooms would be monitored too.

But doesn’t it leave you wondering…what will China do if they find that these classes are not teaching positive things about their extreme, authoritarian, and abusive economic and governmental system?