Progressive Mocked After “Thirst Strike” Ends In Just 8 Hours

( — Last week, Texas Democrat Rep. Greg Casar was the target of online mockery after he staged a “thirst strike” on the steps of the Capitol to protest the lack of mandated heat-related protections for Texas workers, including water and rest breaks, the New York Post reported.

Casar sat outside without eating or drinking water for a whopping 8+ hours, which, as many social media users pointed out, is how long most people go without water or food while sleeping.

On Thursday morning, Spectator columnist Stephen L. Miller joked in a tweet, “Just woke up from my thirst strike.”

Other users noted that anyone skipping breakfast and lunch was just as “stunning and brave” as Rep. Casar.

Despite the relentless mockery, Rep. Casar continued his fight against the lack of water or rest breaks in Texas, the Washington Examiner reported.

In a tweet on Thursday, Casar said that almost 40 percent of Texas construction workers say they are not given water breaks while at work. He claimed that more workers are killed on the job in Texas than in any other state and said if Governor Greg Abbott wants to put profits over people, it is “up to all of us to stop him.”

During his “thirst strike,” Casar accused Governor Abbott of signing a bill “taking away your right to a water break at work,” and called on the Biden administration to “override” the law and mandate “heat protections for all Americans.”

Casar accused the Texas Republican governor of allowing corporations to “exploit their workers” in exchange for campaign donations.

The law, which is set to take effect on September 1, prohibits Texas counties and cities from unilaterally implementing certain workplace protections.

Casar is demanding that the Biden administration’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration create a federal heat standard for all US workers.

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