Protesters Call Old Man “Domestic Terrorist” For Driving Slowly Through Protest

( Video footage appears to show extremist Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters screaming at an elderly man who drove slowly through a crowd to get gas. The incident occurred during an anti-police protest in Lafayette, Louisiana, and appears to show an elderly man attempting to get into the Circle K gas station and store.

Protesters stood in the entrance of the building shouting, “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE, NO RACIST POLICE,” trying to stop people from getting to the police station. They didn’t seem to offer any explanation as to why the old man who they were stopping was responsible for the so-called injustices they were campaigning about, but they never do.

The man tries to drive slowly through the crows to get gas, causing the protesters to start banging on his truck and shouting at him. They act surprised that the man didn’t stop – as entitled leftists tend to when they stand in the road – before shouting about how they are “children.”

“We are children!” a woman shouts. “We are f*cking children!”

If they really are children, that might explain why they’re acting so irresponsibly.

This time, though, the protesters lost. In many cases, the protesters usually violently attack the driver of the vehicle, attempt to smash windows, and even jump on the hood of the car. But this elderly man didn’t let them win. He reached the gas pump, got out of his car, and proceeded to fill up the vehicle. One of the male protesters shouted, “You need to go back to wherever you came from,” to which the man hilariously responded, “It’s like right around the corner.”

It’s nice to see a win every now and again, even if the man was in danger. Far-left protesters have been known to seriously injure and even murder people they do not agree with.

The protesters scattered as soon as the man got out of the car, but a few stayed behind to shout “racist” at him, label him a domestic terrorist, and all the other usual madness. No, none of it makes sense, but what does in 2020?