Protestors Surround Joe Biden As They Make More Demands

( – On Tuesday, Joe Biden visited a computer chip manufacturing facility in Freeland, Michigan to advance his economic agenda. Speaking to union members at SK Siltron, Biden told another pant-load of falsehoods, which is a shock to no one.

Biden bragged about his American Rescue Plan, a massive spending measure that only exacerbates inflation.

“We passed the American Rescue Plan — now, everybody knows it, but we did so much, no one knows the effects of it yet!” Biden said.

Biden claimed that the price of gas is decreasing because of his measures. The frightening part is that he believes he’s lowered gas prices even though it was lower when he took office.

It’s the same kind of fuzzy math he uses to say he’s created more jobs than any other president in the history of the United States. Because of his lockdowns, millions of people lost their jobs. Now that the lockdowns are over, he is taking credit for “creating jobs” when people return to the jobs they were forced to leave.

As Biden left the Bay City computer chip plant, protesters lined the roadway. They displayed placards that were not at all complimentary. The people were angry.

These were demonstrations against Joe Biden in a state he allegedly carried in 2020. The biggest con ever pulled off on the American public is the notion that this guy received the most votes out of any American presidential election. That doesn’t seem possible, considering how unpopular he is.

“Let’s go, Brandon!” was chanted by the protesters as Biden’s convoy passed.

Biden frames reactions to his dismal policy failures as just a character flaw in his detractors.

During the 2022 campaign season in Philadelphia, Biden said that Republicans who support Mhadhave made their decision. “They enjoy being angry. They benefit from chaos. They reside in the darkness of lies rather than the light of the truth.”

After stating that democracy isn’t perfect, Biden brought up a group of demonstrators shouting over a bullhorn and sounding sirens close to Independence Hall.

“Those folks you hear on the other side there are entitled to be outrageous. This is a democracy,” Biden said. Later, he added that “good manners is nothing they’ve ever suffered from.”

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