Protests Planned Across Russia Targeting Vladimir Putin Over Alexei Navalny

( Russian President Vladimir Putin might think that he has a firm grip of power over his country, but Russian citizens are planning to fight back over the treatment of the nation’s imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Plans for the biggest protest in Russian history are unfolding this week, with the Russian people calling on the president to release political prisoner Navalny as he slowly dies because of a hunger strike.

Prison authorities claim that Navalny has been offered proper medical care but has refused, insisting repeatedly to be treated by a doctor from outside the prison facility.

Allies of Navalny published a statement on his website recently saying that the politician’s kidneys could soon fail because of the hunger strike, which he initiated over unfair treatment in prison and a lack of proper medical care. If Navalny’s kidneys fail, the statement says that he could die of a cardiac arrest.

“Things are developing too quickly and too badly,” the statement added. “An extreme situation demands extreme decisions.”

The protests started early this week, with thousands of people taking to the streets of Moscow on Wednesday night in solidarity with Navalny.

Those involved in the protests are being arrested by police.

Navalny is one of the most prominent critics of President Vladimir Putin, and was jailed after failing to turn up to a hearing because he was in a medically induced coma after he was suspected to have been poisoned by Russian agents.

European leaders and even President Joe Biden have called on the Russian government to free Navalny.

It hasn’t stopped Russian representatives on the world stage continually defending his imprisonment, with the Russian ambassador to Britain, Andrei Kelin, claiming that the Russian opposition leader behaves like a “hooligan.”

“He will not be allowed to die in prison, but I can say that Mr Navalny, he behaves like a hooligan,” he told the BBC over the weekend.

Organizers say that as many as 500,000 people have so far registered online to take part in protests calling for his release and to save his life.

The protest organizers called for protests across all 11 time zones at 7 pm local in Russia.

Exactly how long can President Putin cling on to power when hundreds of thousands of his own citizens refuse to comply?