PROVEN: Hunter Biden Laptop Connected To MONEY LAUNDERING Investigation

( Reports show that a laptop legally obtained from a Delaware computer repair shop, which was abandoned by Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, is at the center of a money laundering investigation from 2019.

The news comes as more emails and various pieces of evidence are released suggesting that Joe Biden was not only aware of his son’s business dealings with foreign adversaries, but was profiting from it too.

The Post Millennial reports how the FBI’s subpoena of a hard drive and laptop understood to belong to Joe Biden “is also connected to a late 2019 money laundering investigation.”

A document seen by Fox News shows a “Receipt for Property” form that details the interaction between the FBI and “The Mac Shop,” which was the computer repair shop that Hunter Biden is understood to have abandoned the laptop at. Looking at the “Case ID” section of the document, Fox News analysis discovered that a case was opened by the FBI Baltimore office when the subpoena was first carried out in Wilmington, Delaware.

The handwritten number “272D-BA-3065729” listed on the document indicates that the investigation relates to money laundering. “272” refers to the FBI classification for money laundering, while “272D” refers to “Money Laundering, Unknown SUA [Specified Unlawful Activity] – White Collar Crime Program.”

When approached for comment by Fox News, the FBI said that they “cannot open a case without predication” which “means there was sufficient evidence to believe there was criminal conduct.”

Fox also obtained a subpoena document that was sent to the owner of The Mac Shop to testify before the Delaware U.S. District Court on December 9, 2019. One page of the document showed serial numbers for a hard drive and laptop that were taken into possession.

A law enforcement official told Fox that “if a criminal case was opened and subpoenas were issued, that means there is a high likelihood that both the laptop and hard drive contain fruits of criminal activity.”

The contents of the Biden laptop are currently being investigated by the FBI, and by Delaware State Police. Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney for President Donald Trump, also recently told the press that materials on the laptop suggest possible endangerment of sexual abuse of children.

The Biden campaign has described the story as a smear, but FBI investigations continue.