Psaki criticized for suggesting male reporter had no grounds to question Biden’s abortion stance

( Doing her part to defend the murder of the unborn, White House press secretary Jen Psaki deployed an argument popular on social media and among high school kids who have yet to master the art of a strong defense.

In last Thursday’s press briefing, EWTN White House reporter Owen Jansen asked Psaki how President Biden could support abortion since it is prohibited by the Catholic church.

Fair question. Biden is the one who wears his “devout Catholic” badge proudly. And in order to be “devout” to a particular faith, one really should embrace the doctrine and teachings of that particular faith, otherwise, one is not “devout.”

Psaki ignored the basic premise of the question and instead gave Jansen an answer that had nothing to do with the question. Psaki told Jansen that the President believes that it is up to a woman to make the decision.

Jansen then asked who should look out for the unborn baby.

Psaki told Jensen that he had never faced the choice of having an abortion or not, “nor have you ever been pregnant.” She then explained that for women who have to make that decision “this is an incredibly difficult thing.”

Psaki’s argument is specious and silly. The Church teaches that murder is wrong. But nobody has ever argued that only murderers should be permitted to make laws about murder or even discuss the moral implications of murder. Nobody reasonably says, “Well, as I’ve never been in the position to murder anyone, it isn’t my place to say.”

Roe v Wade was decided by nine male Justices. And yet the same people whining that only women have the right to weigh in on abortion would never claim that Roe is invalid because it was decided by people who can’t get pregnant.

It’s a childish and shallow argument.

Naturally the equally childish and shallow pro-abortion activists thought Psaki’s response was perfect. Countless news outlets framed the exchange as “Psaki shuts down male reporter.”

She did nothing of the sort.

Instead, Psaki once again revealed her own inability to answer questions in good faith.