Push To Redistrict Jerry Nadler’s District Fails, Nadler Wins

During last week’s New York primary, incumbent Congressman Jerry Nadler defeated incumbent Carolyn Maloney in the newly drawn District 12. 

The two incumbents were forced to vie against one another after New York lost Congressional seats in the 2020 census. And the race between them was often ugly, with Maloney’s campaign accusing Nadler of senility. 

The Democrat-controlled legislature, desperate to maintain Nadler’s tenure in Congress, initially redrew his district in the most tortured, gerrymandered way to make sure Jewish voters in New York were in his district. And even after the court stepped in and adjusted the district map combining much of Nadler’s and Maloney’s districts, Nadler maintained his advantage. 

And it worked. 

In the end, Nadler won with over 55 percent of the vote to Maloney’s 24.4 percent. Suraj Patel, who had challenged Maloney twice before, came in third with 19.1 percent of the vote. 

Unsurprisingly, Maloney blamed her loss on sexism and misogyny. 

Meanwhile, Nadler played up his “progressive” bone fides during the race, portraying Maloney as out of step with the Democrat’s far-left base. He cited Maloney’s support for the Iraq war and the PATRIOT Act as well as her opposition to the Iran nuclear deal which Nadler supported. 

The weekend before the primary, Maloney quoted an editorial from the New York Post which described Nadler as “this close to senile” after he said in a debate that he impeached Bush twice when he meant Trump. 

Maloney cited the column with delight, noting that Nadler “couldn’t even remember who he impeached.” 

Nadler was endorsed both by the New York Times and New York’s most powerful Democrat, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.