Putin Ally Dead

(PatriotWise.com) — Vladimir Putin has lost another senior commander during a firefight with Ukrainian forces. Major-General Dmitry Ulyanov, 44, is the 10th senior military leader lost by Putin’s forces since the war with Ukraine began in February 2022. The decorated commander was leading a regiment of mobilized infantrymen from Tatarstan. Ulyanov had returned to service from retirement to fight in the current conflict.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been raging since Russian forces invaded its neighbor last year. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been touring Western countries asking for help. His most recent trip was to the United Kingdom where Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said Ukraine could depend on help from his country and that “no option is off the table.” Zelensky also visited the United States late last year where he made a speech in Congress asking for continued support. Some Members of Congress did not applaud Zelensky as they have become weary of the huge amounts being donated by America. So far the US has given more than $100 billion.

It is unknown exactly how many casualties each country has suffered so far, but US officials estimate that Russia has lost around 200,000 troops. Other reports claim it is higher at 270,000. The BBC, Britain’s primary broadcaster, has carried out an analysis of obituaries in Russia and found that families had buried around 33,000 soldiers since the start of the war.

As of February 5th, 2023, the number of civilian casualties in Ukraine is 7,155, of which 438 are children. Approximately 11,000 Ukrainians have furthermore been injured. Millions of people have fled the country, the majority of them to Russia. More than 1.5 million have fled to Poland, and just over a million to Germany. Russia and Ukraine have a long history of tension but also a long history of ethnic and cultural ties. Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union but sought independence and autonomy following its collapse.

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