Putin Praises Spy Agency After Alleged Cyberattack

(PatriotWise.com)- Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared to congratulate his nation’s spy agency after it was revealed a Russian hacking group known as “Cozy Bear” was behind a years-long cyberattack on the United States federal government. In comments made after the U.S. government confirmed the attack, President Putin said his nation’s foreign intelligence service was doing important work protecting his country.

During an event that commemorated the 100 years since the SVR foreign intelligence was founded, Putin said they were an important guarantee of his country’s “sovereign, democratic, independent development.”

On Friday, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Russia was behind an attack that infiltrated the Solar Windows business network system, used by hundreds of major American businesses and agencies in the federal government. The Kremlin, however, denied that they were involved in any cyberattacks against Western countries and said they were not responsible for the Cozy Bear attack.

At the same event last week, which also celebrated Russia’s Day of the Security Services Worker, Putin said he rated his country’s information security experts.

“I know what I’m talking about here,” he said. “And I rate very highly the difficult professional operations that have been conducted.”

“The most serious attention must be paid to information security, to the right against extremism and against corruption,” he said.

Putin also told members of the SVR agency not to be dismayed by the conflicts near their borders.

“I expect that the Foreign Intelligence Service will continue to respond flexibly to the highly changeable international context, actively participating in identifying and neutralizing potential threats to Russia, and improving the quality of its analytical materials,” he added.

It comes after Putin’s government was accused of poisoning opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was sent to Berlin to receive treatment. During his journey to Europe to receive treatment, Navalny was reportedly poisoned a second time with the same nerve agent as his first poisoning – Novichok.

The nerve agent was widely used in the Soviet era in the United States.

Putin also denied any involvement with the attack, mocking during a press conference that if he wanted to poison his opponents, he would have been successful.

“If there was such a desire, it would have been done,” he said.

Can we believe President Putin when he denies any involvement in an attack on the United States?