Putin Says He Was Not Behind Assassination Attempt Targeting His Enemy

(PatriotWise.com)- In anticipation of his first one-on-one meeting with Joe Biden on June 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin sat down for an exclusive interview on NBC News that aired on Tuesday.

And in it, Putin dismissed US accusations that he was behind the assassination attempt against opposition leader Alexi Navalny, as well as the claims that Russia interfered in US elections or is behind the recent spate of ransomware attacks on US corporations.

“I’m surprised we have not yet been accused of provoking the Black Lives Matter movement,” Putin joked.

Calling the accusations “farcical,” Putin claimed that the US has “not one time” produced any evidence or proof that either he or the Russian government was behind any of these crimes.

Hammering back, Putin denied that her personally ordered a hit on Navalny, adding that though he cannot guarantee Navalny would get out of jail alive, “he will not be treated any worse than anybody else.”

Then Putin went on the offensive.

Quoting a Russian saying, “Don’t be mad at the mirror if you are ugly,” Putin threw the accusations against Russia right back at the US. At the crux of his argument was the treatment of those Americans arrested for the January 6 melee at the US Capitol.

Citing specifically the shooting death of unarmed protester Ashli Babbitt, Putin asked “Did you order the assassination of the woman who walked into Congress and who was shot and killed by a policeman?”

Putin also pointed out the “450 individuals” arrested after “entering the Congress,” saying they didn’t go there to “steal a laptop,” but instead “came with political demands.”

As tyrannical as Putin is, he does have a point.

On Tuesday, Attorney General Merrick Garland doubled down on targeting the Administration’s political opponents under the guise of “White Supremacist domestic terrorism.”

According to Kyle Shideler, the Center for Security Policy’s Senior Analyst for Homeland Security & Counterterrorism, this “domestic terrorism strategy” from the DOJ is “basically Critical Race Theory meets counterterrorism.” Shideler tweeted Tuesday after Merrick’s address that the DOJ is “totally self-obsessed with purging perceived racism, bias & wrong-think, and promoting ‘equity’ at the point of a sword.”

It will be difficult for President Biden to take the moral high road with Putin when his own Justice Department is targeting and jailing political opponents on trumped up claims of “white supremacist domestic terrorism.”