Putin Sends Warning To Joe Biden Administration

(PatriotWise.com)- Tensions between the United States and Russia have gotten significantly worse ever since Joe Biden entered the White House, and after the new U.S. president issued threatening statements against Russia, Vladimir Putin has fired back and warned that it will respond “quickly” and “harshly.”

President Joe Biden might already be preparing to take the United States into a fresh war…and he’s barely three months into the job!

During Putin’s annual State of the Nation speech, he ramped up anti-Western rhetoric and warned that he would swiftly retaliate to any country that crossed “red lines” – which, at this point, is all of the European Union and the United States.

Putin hasn’t exactly been making friends lately, after he instructed more than 150,000 Russian troops to head to the Ukrainian border and annexed Crimea.

Russia will soon head to the polls for the 2021 parliamentary election, set to be held on or before September 19, 2021. Many have speculated that Putin’s ramping up of anti-Western and anti-Ukraine rhetoric is a method to increase support for his party’s parliamentary candidates.

As Putin held the address, protests were ongoing across every time zone in the country, in support of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

The United States has explicitly supported Navalny, who was jailed after failing to turn up for a trial while he was in a medically induced coma, is currently on a hunger strike that doctors have warned could kill him. Navalny is protesting a lack of access to proper medical care and treatment while in prison.

Not only has President Biden warned that there will be “consequences” if Navalny dies in prison, but President Biden also initiated a war of words with Putin in the early days of his presidency, slamming the Russian leader as a “killer.”

During his State of the Nation address, Putin insisted that he prefers to have “good relations with all participants of international society” but added that Russia would defend itself from any security threats. And the United States appears to be listed among those threats.

Putin also discussed Russia’s revamped, modernized, and expanded arsenal of weapons – including atomic weapons – during the speech.

It sounds like something a strong leader would need to handle.

Unfortunately, we have Joe Biden.