Queen Elizabeth Vert Upset By Her Children’s Divorces

(PatriotWise.com)- Another biography about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is in the works. And according to the author, the Queen was distressed that three of her four children’s marriages ended up in divorce.

“Queen of Our Times: The Life of Queen Elizabeth II” by Robert Hardman will be released on April 5 and promises to include all the juicy tabloid-like gossip royal biographers are famous for.

In an excerpt from the book published by the tabloid-like People Magazine, Hardman shares gossip from sources in the royal household who recount the Queen’s “despair” and “distress” that those kids of hers just couldn’t find marital bliss.

Hardman shares gossip from a former staffer who describes the queen’s “sadness and exasperation” that “three out of four!” of her children went through very public divorces.

The Queen’s former press secretary Charles Anson disputed the other sources in the book, telling Hardman that he never saw the Queen’s so-called “despair” or “distress.” Sure, she might have been embarrassed by some of the antics, but she carried on.

Anson said he found it reassuring to work for someone who was able to keep herself together, saying the Queen was “never short; never irritable; completely steady.”

In other words, Hardman interviews a guy who tossed a cold, wet blanket on everything the gossipy sources in the book said.

Don’t you hate when that happens?

The Queen wasn’t “dismayed” or in “despair” or “distress.”

Instead, Hardman writes, the Queen stuck with the same attitude perfected by her mother, never appear ruffled or emotional in public.

One close friend of the Queen, Sir Major John told Hardman that the Queen has always lived by the doctrine “This too shall pass,” adding that storms will come and go, and the Queen will “put her head down and plow through them.”

But Hardman is quick to point out that the “royal staff” gave the Queen the nickname “imperial ostrich” because she was hiding her head in the sand.

The Royal Family needs a better vetting process so they stop hiring staffers who rush to the closest “royal biographer” to gossip like teenage girls.