Rachel Maddow Taking Hiatus From Her MSNBC Show

(PatriotWise.com)- MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has decided to take a break from her show that airs in primetime.

The ultra-liberal TV host will be taking a break from serving as the anchor for her nightly news show so that she can focus on some other projects she’s working on, multiple outlets have reported.

Maddow is the anchor of “The Rachel Maddow Show,” airing every weeknight at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. For a while now, it’s not only been the highest-rated show on MSNBC, but it’s also the most-watched news show on cable if you don’t county the shows airing on Fox News.

Maddow has served in that role since back in 2008, and has been very successful at appealing to a very liberal audience with her far-left takes on what’s going on in the world.

The anchor apparently plans to finish out this week, and then will take her hiatus. MSNBC hasn’t announced how they will fill her role while she’s away, but it’s expected that several hosts will take their turns filling in for her.

The projects Maddow will apparently be working will be for NBCUniversal, the parent company of MSNBC.

That includes a movie that is based on the book she wrote, “Bag Man,” which details the scandal that led to former Vice President Spiro Agnew resigning from office. The movie is set to be directed by Ben Stiller, and Maddow will serve as an executive producer.

Despite taking a break to work on these other projects, Maddow will still be visible at MSNBC in the coming months. She’ll return to anchor her show briefly for some special events that include the March 1 State of the Union address that President Joe Biden is scheduled to give.

Maddow signed a new contract with her employer last summer, after there were reports that she was considering leaving for another network, or to start a media company of her own. That contract pays her $30 million annually, and she’s signed on to remain at MSNBC through the presidential election in 2024.

In addition to this hiatus, it seems as though future plans for Maddow include her being less visible on screen at MSNBC. Reports said that Maddow will scale back the show to being on once a week rather than every weeknight.

But, Maddow taking a step back isn’t the only major change that’s happening at the network.

Long-time anchor Brian Williams left his spot anchoring the 11 p.m. Eastern Time news slot, and MSNBC announced last week that Stephanie Ruhle would replace him full-time.

In addition, the “Morning Joe” show that’s hosted by Joe Scarborough and his wife Mika Brzezinski will change from being three hours long to four hours long.

Maddow got a lot of notoriety in 2017 when she claimed on air that she “got Trump tax returns.” Then, she only was able to produce two pages from the former president’s 1040 form for 2005.

She later defended over-dramatizing what she had when she said:

“Because I have information about the president doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a scandal. It doesn’t mean that it’s damning information. If other people leapt to that conclusion without me indicating that it was, that hype is external to what we did.”