Red Flag For Democrats Suddenly Declared

Chuck Todd Reports Giant Red Flag For Democrats

( – After NBC News released its latest poll last month, “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd warned that the results show some “red flags for the Democrats.”

Oh, please. The “red flags” have been waving furiously for months. The only difference is that now that we’re in the final days before the Midterms, corporate media outfits can no longer ignore them.

The NBC poll found that among likely voters, the generic congressional vote gave Republicans a slight edge over Democrats 48 percent to 47 percent. Among registered voters, the NBC poll gave Democrats a 1-point edge. But polling registered voters this close to the midterms is a waste of time.

But even the 1-point advantage among likely voters is a bit lower compared to other polls which have Republicans ahead of Democrats by as much as 6 to 7 points. Of course, those polls are more recent than the NBC poll which was conducted in the middle of October.

The current Real Clear Politics average generic congressional vote has Republicans beating Democrats by just under three points, 48 percent to 45.1 percent.

The NBC News poll also found that 70 percent of respondents have a high interest in next week’s midterms. But among Republicans, interest in the midterms is 9 points higher, with 78 percent of Republicans and only 69 percent of Democrats saying they have a high interest in the election.

But what is especially bad for Democrats in the NBC News poll is that a staggering 71 percent of respondents believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Only 20 percent believe the country is on the right track.

This was the sixth time in the last seven NBC News surveys in which over 70 percent of respondents said the country is on the wrong track.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted last week also showed that 71 percent of respondents think the country is headed in the wrong direction with only 17 percent saying the country is headed in the right direction.

The Real Clear Politics average has 67 percent wrong track to only 25.9 right track. That’s a divide of over 41 points.

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