Reporter Reacts As Man Dies In Crash Going 130 MPH During Police Chase On Motorcycle

( Horrifying scenes of a motorcyclist fleeing the Los Angeles police during a 130mph chase were broadcast on live television news last week, only for the network to accidentally air the moment that the bike crashed into a vehicle and threw the driver high into the air.

The crash took place in West Hills on Thursday afternoon, and a KCBS-TV helicopter chased the suspect and recorded him reaching incredible speeds on public roads.

The video, which you can see below, shows how even the news anchor was shocked to have seen the footage, with the rider being thrown into the air like a rag doll.

“Oh my gosh…we have just seen…sorry, we just saw that motorcycle crash into a car there at the intersection,” the news anchor said, holding her hands to her mouth.

Speaking to the channel, Los Angeles Police Department Captain Andy Neiman described a “very sad day” and said that it was “just another example of how reckless driving, regardless of who it is, causes death.”

While the man is understood to have been fleeing police, Neiman made it clear that the police were not in pursuit of the man at the time the crash happened. He also revealed that the officers had run the plates of the bike only to realize that it had been reported stolen.

When officers tried to pull the man over in a parking lot, he quickly fled the scene at speeds in excess of 100mph.