Republican Candidate Forced Out Of Election After Democrats Redraw Districts

( A Virginia Republican announced this week that she will now not seek election to Congress in this year’s midterm elections due to the state’s redistricting efforts.

On Monday, state Senator Amanda Chase announced that she would no longer run for a seat in Congress because her district has been moved due to the state redistricting.

Last week, the Virginia state Supreme Court approved the updated congressional map, which will be used throughout the commonwealth. As a result of that redistricting, the home where Chase lives is now part of the 1st Congressional District instead of the 7th.

The 1st Congressional District is currently represented by Republican Representative Rob Wittman, and Chase said she won’t be running against him. As she announced in a statement:

“I will not challenge a Republican representative who is doing a good job representing the people of their district. I no longer live in the 7th Congressional District, which was represented by Democrat Abigail Spanberger.

“With that, I plan to finish my two years in the Senate of Virginia and discontinue my run for Congress as it is already represented by Republican Rob Wittman.”

In other words, Chase was more than willing to challenge the Democratic incumbent in her former 7th Congressional District. She won’t, however, seek to unseat an incumbent Republican in her new 1st Congressional District, as she believes he’s doing a good job.

Chase is a staunch conservative who was seen as a candidate who could make some noise in Washington. In the past, she has described herself as “Trump in heels.”

Chase didn’t mention in her statement whether she would have future plans to run for Congress. A lot of those plans probably have to do with Wittman’s role in Congress, since they’re now from the same congressional district in Virginia.

The 7th District, which is newly drawn as a result of redistricting, doesn’t include some of the suburbs of Richmond anymore. That’s what used to form the base for Democratic Representative Abigail Spanberger.

Now, the district will include Madison County and Caroline County, which includes both Dale City and Fredericksburg. Those suburbs in and around Richmond used to be in Virginia’s 7th District, but now they’re located in the state’s 1st District.

Before redistricting officially happened, Chase was among a slew of Republicans who were set to go up against the incumbent Spanberger in Virginia’s 7th District. Since then, though, both Chase and Taylor Keeney have announced they would be removing themselves from consideration for the spot.

One Republican who is remaining in the race is state Senator Bryce Reeves.

The new 7th District in the state is labeled as “lean Democratic” by the Cook Political Report, which is a nonpartisan group.

Just last week, Spanberger announced she would be running for re-election in her district. In making that announcement, she said:

“Nearly 200,000 Virginians in the new Seventh District have already been my constituents under the current district lines, and I look forward to continuing my service representing them as well as my future constituents.”