Republican Lawmaker Tries To Change Her Brand As Following Dwindles

( A Republican legislator who has a history of advocating for extreme “trans” causes is reportedly attempting to rebrand herself as part of a campaign to become the Republican nominee for Virginia’s battleground 2nd District.

Republican Virginia state Senator Jen Kiggans, famous for filing a trans sports bill in the state Senate and losing the support of fellow conservatives over her support of allowing grown men into girls’ restrooms, has reportedly filed a bill in the state Senate – which is controlled by Democrats – that she says would protect women and girls from being forced to compete against men in sports.

After advocating for extreme trans issues, Kiggans has conveniently filed a bill that she knows will fail, ahead of her campaign to become a congresswoman.

Conservative news outlet National File reported that Kiggans’ decision to sponsor the bill was a “safe move.”

“Sponsoring the bill was a safe move for Kiggans, who previously voted for the Virginia Values Act, opening girls’ restrooms up to men and forcing the adoption of “trans-affirming” school policies, like the ones that got three Loudoun County school girls raped by a ‘gender-fluid’ male in a skirt,” the outlet writes.

Given that the state Senate is controlled by Democrats, Kiggans presumably knows that the legislation will not pass and her decision to push the bill won’t actually change anything in her state…but it might appeal to some Republican voters whom she will be seeking the support of.

Under the proposed legislation that will not pass, public and private schools that take part in state-sponsored sports competitions would have to designate teams based on sex, and biological males would not be able to compete against biological girls. It’s precisely the kind of thing that Republicans care about right now…but is it enough to trick Virginia voters into thinking Kiggans is opposed to the radical trans agenda?