Republican Shuts Down Bill To Protect Children From Insane Surgeries

( — Last Wednesday, the Health and Welfare Committee from Louisiana’s Republican-controlled Senate voted to kill a bill that would have banned transgender medical procedures for minors, with the tie-breaking vote being cast by committee chairman, Republican state Senator Fred Mills, the Associated Press reported.

Voting with Democrats on the committee, Mills argued that he believes that the decision to subject minors to transgender treatments should be left to the patient and the doctor.

Mills, a pharmacist, said he believes in Louisiana physicians and the “scope of practice” and “standard of care.”

Currently in Louisiana, minors must get parental permission to undergo any transgender treatments before they turn 18.

Proponents of the bill argued that minors from neighboring states that have banned transgender treatments for minors may travel to Louisiana to undergo treatments.

Earlier in May, Jill Hines, the co-director of Health Freedom Louisiana, told state lawmakers that the proposed legislation would prevent the state from becoming “a sanctuary state” for minors seeking to undergo “harmful medical care.”

During Wednesday’s committee hearing, pediatric psychologist Clifton Mixon, who works at a gender clinic in Louisiana, told the lawmakers that his clinic is trying to help “transgender kids” to become adults by “improving their quality of life” and preventing suicide.

A report from the Louisiana Department of Health found that a few dozen Louisiana minors received puberty blockers and hormone therapy from 2017 to 2021. However, the data only included Medicaid-enrolled minors. No transgender surgeries were performed on Medicaid-enrolled minors in the state during that time.

At least 18 states have enacted laws that either restrict or ban transgender medical treatment for minors.

The three states bordering Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas, either have laws in place or are debating legislation. The law in Arkansas is temporarily blocked while it is challenged in court. The Mississippi law was enacted in February. Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he would sign a bill banning the procedures once it is passed by the legislature.

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