Republican War Hero Threatened By Attorney Who Talks About Having FBI Agents Raid Home

( Though President Trump pardoned Steve Bannon over the charges brought against him involving the “We Build the Wall” organization, the federal trials for the organization’s founder Brian Kolfage are still proceeding.

In addition to facing federal charges in New York of fraud, money laundering and conspiracy, Kolfage is also awaiting trial in Florida on federal charges of filing a false tax return and wire fraud in relation to his electronic tax filing from 2019.

Kolfage was arraigned in federal court in Pensacola on June 3 where he pleaded not guilty to the charges. US Magistrate Judge Hope T. Cannon then scheduled Kolfage’s trial for August 2.

At his arraignment Kolfage was represented by a public defender, however he plans to retain a private counsel for the August trial.

Kolfage, along with his many supporters, believe his prosecution to be a politically-motivated “witch hunt.”

According to the Florida indictment, in his 2019 tax return, Kolfage reported $63,574 in income with a $4,173 tax liability. However, the indictment contends that Kolfage knowingly under-reported his total income and the associated tax liability – adding the totals were “in excess of that amount.”

The indictment alleges that the unreported income, was “obscured” by being channeled through “multiple organizations, corporations, entities, and persons” prior to ultimately being deposited in Kolfage’s personal account.

Shortly after his May indictment, Kolfage told the Northwest Florida Daily News that he filed an amended 2019 tax return reflecting the income previously unreported.

In a report on Wednesday, the Gateway Pundit alleges that during his hearing, after Kolfage claimed the prosecution was being “overly aggressive,” Prosecutor David Goldberg told Kolfage “We did you a favor by not sending FBI agents to your house to raid it.”

However, this claim has not been confirmed.

The trial for the federal charges Kolfage is facing in New York is not expected to take place until November of this year at the earliest.

If convicted on the Florida charges, Kolfage faces up to twenty years in prison. If convicted on the charges in New York he faces forty years behind bars.