Republicans Block Democrat Bill In Senate

( Republicans are standing firm on their word: They won’t vote in favor of a spending bill that would continue to fund the government if it involves raising the debt ceiling.

While the procedure is considered routine, as it allows the U.S. Treasury to pay all the country’s existing debt obligations, Republicans aren’t backing off. They are saying this is in response to the Democrats continuing to push forward with a $3.5 trillion spending and infrastructure package that will have no support from the GOP.

On Monday night, the spending bill that would have raised the debt ceiling didn’t pass through the Senate. It only passed through the House with a narrow margin.

In the House, Democrats hold that narrow margin, which is why it passed along party lines. In the Senate, though, all bills need at least 60 votes to pass to avoid the filibuster.

The spending bill garnered support only from the 48 of the Democrats in the Senate, and none of the 50 Republicans. Two Democrats didn’t vote.

On Thursday, the government’s coffers will go dry. Democrats were trying to keep the government rolling by raising the debt limit, but Republicans were having none of it.

Janet Yellen, the Treasury Secretary, has also warned that if the debt ceiling isn’t raised by the middle of October, the United States probably will default on its outstanding debt for the first time ever.

Following the GOP voting down the funding measure on Monday in the Senate, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer lashed out at his colleagues. He said:

“I want to make sure everyone understands exactly what has happened on the Senate floor: The Republican Party has now become the party of default, the party that says America doesn’t pay its debts. Our country is staring down the barrel of two totally Republican-manufactured disasters — a government shutdown and a first-ever default on the national debt. The impacts of both would gravely harm every single American in this country.”

No one really thought that the measure that was put up for a vote on Monday night would actually pass in the Senate. Even though the debt ceiling was lifted many times under former President Donald Trump, no Republicans had expressed support for it this time around — at least not now.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had said all along that no Republicans would support raising the debt ceiling, so Democrats would have to do it on their own — hinting at the need to do it through budget reconciliation.

Schumer’s said the Democrats’ next move will be to take some other action to try to prevent the government shutdown. He did lay out specific plans for how they would do that, though.

What he did say is:

“What the Republicans in the Senate did tonight is not normal. This isn’t your typical Washington fracas, and it shouldn’t be treated as such. It has far more severe consequences than the typical political cat fight.”