Retired U.S. Ambassador Reveals Afghanistan Is Becoming A Bigger And Bigger Crisis By The Day

( The former United States Ambassador to Afghanistan is calling out President Joe Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country, bringing an end to the nation’s longest war while endangering thousands of American lives in the process.

Ryan Crocker, who served under the Barack Obama administration, said that Afghanistan will soon enter a period of “prolonged civil war,” as Afghan troops proved incapable of defending against the Taliban’s encroachment into the nation’s capital city.

20 years of training from the United States Army…and for what?

Reports reveal how former Afghan interpreter who worked for the United States Army, Janis Shinwari, is also critical of the disastrous withdrawal, describing how the situation has now become dangerous for Afghans in the country who have helped the Americans over the last two decades.

He described how the Taliban will kill and torture any person who helped the Americans in front of their family, and revealed how the Taliban went door to door and asked for people who supported the United States occupation of Afghanistan as soon as they took control of the nation’s main cities.

These are the monsters that President Biden effectively gifted millions of dollars of military equipment, including tanks and helicopters…

This week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki returned early from her vacation to tell reporters that the Biden administration couldn’t guarantee the safety of American citizens who are trapped in Afghanistan as a result of Biden’s flawed withdrawal.

Why on earth didn’t President Biden evacuate American citizens before withdrawing all U.S. troops, based on the intelligence he received showing just how dangerous the situation was becoming?