Richard Hanania Sees Trump As 2024 GOP Nominee

( Former President Donald Trump has yet to confirm whether or not he plans to run for office again in 2024, but speculation is running wild and many believe that he’s not just on track to run…but on track to win the party nomination all over again.

Richard Hanania, who is the president of the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology, revealed in an interview on Hill.TV that he believes the former president will easily become the next Republican nominee for president in 2024.

Hanania based his prediction on the fact that the Republican Party remains extremely loyal to the former president, with the sweeping reforms to the immigration system and his impressive record on the economy giving Republican voters and party supporters the confidence they need when picking a presidential nominee.

He noted that while many predicted the end of Trump’s career for criticizing the late Senator John McCain and his alleged involvement in the January 6 riot (which is inaccurate), the Republican Party is still very much under his control.

“The question becomes: What’s going to happen between now and 2024?” he asked. “People say a lot can happen in three years. A lot has happened in the last six years, and nothing has ever changed.”

Hanania also suggested that no other possible GOP candidate has emerged as a clear runner-up, indicating that it will be made that much easier for the former president to take the nomination with relative ease.

He also noted, however, that a potential challenger to Trump would have to consolidate support in a less crowded field than the 2016 race. A single candidate could provide a counter to the former president, but with so many Republicans itching to replace President Joe Biden – who could well be too old to run again in 2024 – it could be difficult for candidates to choose which individual would be best to oppose the former president.

But then again…how many potential Republican candidates really don’t want to see President Trump back in the White House at this point?