Rioters Attack and Chase Journalists on Live TV In London

( Protests that began in Minneapolis in response to the death of George Floyd have morphed into violent riots. Far-left agitators and Black Lives Matter activists have taken to the streets of major American cities, burning down buildings, destroying shops, and violently attacking innocent people. Those riots have even extended to London, for some reason, causing the world’s media to descend on England’s capital to report on the unrest.

Two journalists were assaulted earlier this week, live on camera, by the rioters they were reporting on. In one instance, an Australian journalist was attacked during a live TV report by a man shouting “Allah Akbar.”

Sophie Walsh of 9News Australia was covering the protests in Hyde Park, London, on Wednesday. While providing commentary over recorded footage of protests that took place earlier in the day, she can be heard screaming. The camera then switches back to Walsh who is visibly shaken.

“A man just came up and grabbed me,” she said.

“He yelled ‘Allah Akbar’ while making motions to stab her,” the anchor from the network then added.

9News’ camera operator chased the man and tackled him to the ground, helped by other bystanders, and detained the man until the police arrived. Reports described that the man may have been carrying a screwdriver. He was arrested and charged for making threats to kill.

The same news outlet experienced another attack only 12 hours later, when a male journalist was targeted during protests outside Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime Minister.

Reporter Ben Avery were ambushed by large gangs of rioters during a report. You can see in the footage above that the cameraman and reporter were chased. The microphone was stolen by one of the protesters, too, which is why the audio suddenly cuts out.

Peaceful protesting, huh?