Rioters Steal $85K of LUXURY GOODS from Stores in Portland…For “Justice”

( In the name of justice for George Floyd, the African American man allegedly killed by former police officer Derek Chauvin, rioters have righteously stolen $85k of luxury goods from designer stores in Portland.

For justice!

Luxury goods are being swiped from stores across Portland, Oregon, as rioters started smashing up shopping malls and stores across the city. Reports suggest at least $85,000 worth of purses, handbags, and leather goods were stolen over just one day…from just one store!

Breitbart fashion reported John Binder collected video footage of rioters smashing up stores and showed the value of the items that were being stolen. In a series of tweets, he showed the value of Louis Vuitton merchandise that could be seen being stolen from stores in the footage.

Binder showed footage of one person stealing a City Streamer MM bag in crème beige, tan, and black. The purse was valued at $4,350.

Another looter, he showed, grabbed a City Streamer MM bag in etain dark gray, which was also worth $4,350.

Other items included Porchette Metis purses in scarlet and navy, and the On The Go MM in white.

The full list of goods can be found here, but the fact that almost $100,000 worth of goods were stolen in just one day from one store begs the question of just how much has been stolen across the rest of the city, and the rest of the country.

Portland is just one of America’s major cities to see huge unrest, with people looting shops and pretending to be doing so for the cause of justice.

George Floyd was known to preach against gang violence and criminality, but Black Lives Matter activists and other opportunists have jumped on his death as an opportunity to get free stuff. Is this the best way to honor his memory?