Rioters Try to Stop ICE Agents Making Arrests On Oregon’s 76th Night of Violence

( Portland, Oregon, has been one of the worst-affected cities in America when it comes to far-left violence. The city has always been known as one of the most leftist cities in the United States, packed with hipsters and Vegan cafes, but the hateful politics of those who pretend to be peace-loving leftists have been laid bare over the last three months.

On the 76th night of violence on Wednesday, far-left activists yet again attacked the Portland Courthouse with fire and projectiles. Also in Oregon, some 100 miles away from Portland in Bend, Antifa activists harassed ICE agents as they attempted to arrest violent extremists for various kinds of criminal activity during the riots.

Portland’s Police Department, which is under threat from Democrats who want to see it defunded, said that rioters were throwing an “unknown substance” at the front doors of their Central Precinct buildings. Other extremists from the same group were also seen “launching commercial-grade fireworks towards the fence protecting.”

And yet the Democrats don’t think this is worth talking about?

“Most of these people were seen wearing helmets, gas masks, and carrying shields and batons,” the Police Department said in an official release. “Because of the criminal behavior occurring, public address announcements were made telling the group to stop launching fireworks and starting fires at the Federal Courthouse. As the PPB sound truck made this announcement, several people shined green lasers at the officer’s eyes who were inside the sound truck. This action can cause permanent damage.”

Police officers in Portland have already been blinded by these green lasers, but we’ve heard nothing from the Democratic leaders about it yet.

Oregon has seen non-stop violence in its major cities for months. Every single night, far-left extremists take to the street in a war against law enforcement officers.

The police department said that as the crowd started dispersing towards the north, a large explosive was thrown at officers, along with large rocks, bottles, and cans of paint. Some arrests were made, and a number of officers sustained injuries.

Acting Department of Home Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli said that officers in Bend, Oregon, were also harassed when trying to arrest dangerous criminal aliens who posed a threat to the safety of people in the city.

“The two individuals arrested each had a history of criminal violent behavior,” he said. “While ICE respects the rights of people to voice their opinion peacefully, that does not include illegally interfering with their federal law enforcement duties.”

At what point will the Democrats ever admit these are riots and not protests?