Rittenhouse Witness Says Prosecution Told Him To Change Statement

(PatriotWise.com)- During his testimony in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, a witness said that prosecutors in the case pushed him to make changes to his initial statement to the police.

Freelance photographer Nathan DeBruin, one of four defense witnesses called on Tuesday, recounted an uncomfortable meeting he had with prosecutors in which they pushed him to change his statement regarding a man named Joshua Ziminksi, whom prosecutors had changed with arson.

Defense attorney Mark Richards asked DuBruin to describe that meeting between him and Assistant District Attorneys Thomas Binger and James Kraus – both of whom are prosecuting Rittenhouse.

DuBruin said he was called to the district attorney’s office where he met with Binger and Kraus. They handed him a copy of his police statement which he then read over. They asked him if he would like to add anything further to his statement, and DuBruin said no.

Binger then pulled out a cell phone and showed DuBruin a video and a photo, asking DuBruin if he knew the person in the photo. He said he did not. Binger told DuBruin that the man was Joshua Ziminski.

Binger then put the phone down, picked it up again, and asked DuBruin, again, “Who is this?” A confused DuBruin answered, “Joshua Ziminski.” Then Binger asked him again if he wanted to add that to his statement.

After that meeting with Binger and Kraus, a rattled DuBruin decided to retain legal counsel.

DuBruin said again that the prosecution had asked him to change his statement, suggesting that they wanted him to give the police false information, namely that he knew and identified Joshua Ziminski.

Then DeBruin was cross-examined by James Kraus who questioned him on that meeting. Kraus asked DuBruin if they asked him to read his statement, to which DeBruin answered “correct.”

Then Kraus asked him to confirm that they asked if he knew anything further beyond his statement, which DuBruin confirmed.

Then, Kraus said, “We didn’t ask you to change it.”

DuBruin immediately contradicted Kraus, responding “Yes, you did” He then reiterated that prosecutors had asked him if he wanted to change the details in his statement to add Joshua Ziminski.