Ron DeSantis Asked To Declare State Of Emergency

( Democrat state lawmakers in Florida are calling on Governor Ron DeSantis to declare a “housing state of emergency” over the rising cost of rent in their districts.

Yeah, that’s not a reason to declare a “state of emergency.” Hurricanes? Yes. Rent prices rising? No.

State Rep. Carlos Guillermo-Smith said last week that some renters could lose their homes because the price of rent is soaring in Florida by as much as 10 percent. He and about twenty other Democrat lawmakers sent a letter to DeSantis demanding the Governor take immediate action by declaring a “housing state of emergency” and ordering the attorney general to offer renters relief using “existing statutory consumer protection against price gouging.”

Why is it Democrats always accuse companies of “price gouging?” Big Oil, Big Meat, grocery stores, and now landlords. It’s never the fault of Joe Biden and his reckless economic policies.

Last week, DeSantis’ office pushed back, arguing that increased housing prices are a nationwide problem that was caused at the federal level.

In a press conference last Friday, Governor DeSantis said the nationwide rent increases are entirely the fault of the policies Joe Biden has put in place which have made everything more expensive.

The governor’s office later followed up with a statement, arguing that the “irresponsible policies and reckless spending” from the federal government are driving up prices “across the board.”

In response, Rep. Smith blasted the governor, pointing out that there is ample federal funding to provide relief to struggling renters. He accused DeSantis of not prioritizing getting that federal relief into the hands of the Floridians who need the help.

Last Thursday after the Democrats sent their letter to the governor, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Republican Jimmy Patronis, hammered the lawmakers on Twitter. Like DeSantis, Patronis pointed out that Biden’s inflation crisis has forced prices to rise on everything and it is “crushing the poor and middle class.” Patronis suggested that, instead of writing a letter to DeSantis, perhaps the Democrats should write to Biden.