Ron DeSantis Asks Americans To Get Vaccinated With Trump’s Vaccine

( It doesn’t matter how hard the Democrats try and paint Republicans as anti-vaxxers, it just isn’t true – and Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis just proved it. The popular governor, who has long stood against restrictive and excessive COVID-19 lockdowns in his state, has come out in support of people taking the vaccine that was developed under former President Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” program.

Speaking to reporters during a press briefing on Wednesday, DeSantis noted that 95% of new hospital admissions in his state are from people who either have not taken the vaccine or have only received one shot. It indicates that, while DeSantis doesn’t support rules dividing people based on vaccination status, he does believe that anybody comfortable with taking the vaccine should go out and get it.

DeSantis said that the vaccines are “saving lives” and “reducing mortality.”

During the same press briefing, DeSantis suggested that those who take the COVID-19 vaccine are less likely to be hit with the current wave of infections taking hold of the state. He made it clear, however, that he does not support mask mandates and other excessive measures used in other states to reduce the number of infections.

DeSantis said that he remains a “little bit frustrated” that some parts of his state are still enforcing mask mandates. He described how the continued mask mandates seem to suggest that using vaccines doesn’t work, giving people more of a reason not to take the vaccine in the first place.

“I think that’s the worst message you can send to people at this time,” he said.

Significant numbers of people are being admitted to U.S. hospitals with COVID-19 infections even after taking the vaccine, however. At this stage, it remains unclear whether it is an issue of COVID-19 vaccines not working as effectively as hoped, or related to the spread of the new, more infectious Delta variant of the virus.