Ron DeSantis Exposes CDC For Releasing Fake COVID-19 Numbers

( In the ongoing effort to deploy the same tactics used on Donald Trump to destroy Ron DeSantis, it isn’t just the American corporate news media who is willing to lie in order to do it. The clearly political Centers for Disease Control is getting in on the act as well.

On Monday, August 9, the CDC released what it claimed were the new COVID case numbers in Florida for Sunday August 8 – claiming that in one day 28,317 cases of COVID were recorded. Naturally, the CDC created a super-scary graph showing the astronomical spike in cases on that one day alone.

Unsurprisingly, the DeSantis-hating media landed on the CDC report like flies on … well, you know – blasting the numbers far and wide in the most harrowing, negative way possible. After all, they have a Republican Governor to destroy – a Republican governor who is clearly seen as a serious threat to the Democrat Party’s power.

But the CDC’s data and super-scary graph were, dare we say it, “misinformation.”

Shortly after the CDC released the bogus statistics, the Florida Health Department called out the CDC for their inaccurate reporting – pointing out that the 28,317 cases were not from Sunday alone, but a cumulative total from multiple days.

According to the Florida Health Department, the total number of COVID cases recorded in Florida on August 8 was 15,319, not 28,317.

By Tuesday, the CDC walked back its misinformation and released new numbers.

But of course by then the damage was already done.

The media, Twitter blue-checks and Democrats will continue to attack DeSantis over numbers the CDC had to walk back. Just as they continue to claim Donald Trump told Americans to inject bleach when he never said that. Just as they continue to claim Donald Trump ignored “Russian bounties” on US troops in Afghanistan. Just as they continue to claim Donald Trump said Nazis are very fine people.

The CDC accomplished its mission – it launched a disinformation campaign against DeSantis that would spread like wildfire knowing that when they relented and released the truth, the lie would already be halfway across the world.