Ron DeSantis Gets UNEXPECTED Endorsement

Even Liberal Media Is Endorsing Ron DeSantis Over Trump

( – MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” last week tried to get under former President Trump’s skin by declaring Florida Governor Ron DeSantis the new leader of the Republican Party and then mocking Trump for being political poison.

During Wednesday morning’s show, co-host Joe Scarborough reveled in mocking the former president, telling Trump to “meet Boris Johnson.”

Scarborough highlighted Ron DeSantis’ landslide victory against Democrat Charlie Crist, describing it as a “coronation” as “grand” as the coronation King Charles III will have.

Rubbing salt into the wounds, Scarborough then mocked Trump for having “lost the rest of America” and declared Tuesday’s midterm results “the end of Donald Trump.”

Scarborough noted that Ron DeSantis even managed to win the solidly-blue Miami-Dade County, adding while DeSantis was winning, Trump was cheering the loss of Republican candidates.

Co-host Willie Geist piped in that the Republicans are now the party of Ron DeSantis and not Donald Trump, prompting Scarborough to echo, “It’s not Trump’s.”

Scarborough added, “Everything Trump touches politically dies.”

However, the buzz surrounding the DeSantis blow-out didn’t just come from MSNBC Trump-haters eager to burrow under Donald Trump’s skin. Many news outlets, even those traditionally supportive of the former president, were also suggesting that Ron DeSantis is the future of the Republican Party.

Or as the New York Post put it on their cover Wednesday morning, “DeFuture.”

After the Post, along with the other Murdoch-owned Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, suggested that the GOP’s future lies with Ron DeSantis, an angry Donald Trump released a statement Thursday attacking the Murdoch media empire for betraying him.

Trump then directed his attacks on Ron DeSantis himself, describing him as “an average Republican governor” who never would have won in 2018 if it hadn’t been for Trump’s support.

That might be true. Trump certainly had a role in helping DeSantis defeat Andrew Gillum by less than one point in 2018. But his 19-point landslide against Charlie Crist four years later was all on DeSantis.

Trump closed his statement by accusing DeSantis of lacking the “loyalty and class” to officially declare that he would not challenge Trump in the 2024 Republican primary.

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