Ron DeSantis Gives Important Order Expanding COVID-19 Treatment In Florida

( Earlier this month, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that Florida would begin opening treatment centers for COVID-positive patients to receive free monoclonal antibody therapy.

While monoclonal antibodies have been used in treating COVID-19 for the better part of 2021, it was Governor DeSantis who brought much-needed attention to it.

Monoclonal antibody treatment gives the COVID-sufferer’s body the ability to fight back against the virus. The antibody treatment, in short, neutralizes the virus by preventing COVID-19 from infecting cells.

Results from the trials showed at least a 70 percent reduction in hospitalization or death among those undergoing the therapy.

Naturally, the American corporate news media, hell-bent on completely destroying a potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate, went to work smearing DeSantis for putting the focus on monoclonal antibody treatment.

A number of news outlets claimed that DeSantis was only promoting this treatment because one of his major campaign donors is an investor in Regeneron – the manufacturer of the therapy. The story was a lie that even Politifact rated as false.

But DeSantis, undeterred by the relentless smears in the press, pushed on. In mid-August, Florida opened its first rapid-response unit to treat COVID patients with the monoclonal antibody therapy. And now, Florida currently has twenty sites throughout the state.

One America News Stefan Kleinhenz sat down with Governor DeSantis at the Panama City facility to discuss monoclonal antibody therapy.

Watch the interview HERE.

Ironically, as the corporate media does its best to undermine confidence in this life-saving treatment all to damage DeSantis politically, their go-to “expert” on all things COVID, Anthony Fauci himself, is also touting monoclonal antibody treatment.

Last Tuesday during a COVID-19 press briefing, Fauci said that using the lab-made antibodies to fight the virus before a patient is hospitalized can prevent the odds of severe illness by up to 85 percent.

Fauci also said that the government wanted Americans to “realize the advantage of this very effective way of treating early infection.”

Too bad the American news media won’t help get that message out. They would, but they’re far too busy casting doubt on the treatment in order to score a political hit against a Republican they fear.