Ron DeSantis Takes Lead In New Poll

( When Ron DeSantis first ran to become the governor of Florida, he didn’t win by a big margin. Next time, though, it looks like he’s ready to win with a thumping majority.

According to a new Mason-Dixon poll, Governor DeSantis has a favorable rating of 61% among independent voters in the state, giving him a massive advantage in this year’s gubernatorial race.

Only 32% of independents had a negative view of the Republican governor, and just 7% didn’t know how they felt about him.

It’s not just a sign that DeSantis doesn’t need to worry about losing to his Democratic opponent later this year, but it’s also a sign that his brand of conservatism is winning over voters. If whoever becomes the 2024 presidential nominee for the Republicans behaves the way he does, then the victory could be easy – especially with President Joe Biden’s overall approval ratings sitting at around 40%.

The poll also showed that 89% of Republicans have a favorable view of DeSantis, and even 11% of Democrats have a favorable view of the work he is doing. When more than 10% of Democrats to approve of DeSantis, especially during such a divided time, it means that he’s doing something right.

It turns out that people don’t like lockdowns, mask mandates, and Critical Race Theory being taught in schools. Who would have thought it?

DeSantis also had a 50% approval rating among Hispanic voters, a 16% approval rating among Black. Voters, and 61% approval rating among White voters.

When respondents were asked who they are voting for in 2022, DeSantis beat every single one of the three Democratic candidates. Rep. Charlie Crist only had 43% to DeSantis’ 51%, Nikki Fried had just 41% to DeSantis’ 53%, and Senator Annette Taddeo had a mere 37% compared to DeSantis’ 53%.

It’s good news for Florida, for DeSantis, and for America.