Royal Family Outrage Ensues After Photo Is Released

( — The Princess of Wales has drawn criticism for wearing red nail polish on Easter Sunday. Photographs of the family of future King Prince William surfaced on social media, and commentators condemned the Princess’s choice of nail polish as inappropriate and against protocol. Some even went as far as stating that the Princess had “shamed” the Royal family.

It is very rare for Catherine to court such controversy. She is popular with the British public because she tends to stick to the ancient requirements of senior family members. There is no official position on nail varnish. However, the unwritten rule is to avoid bright colors. It is also believed that the late Queen Elizabeth II particularly disliked red.

The Royal Family is expected to comply with rules that are centuries old. Members of the family who are in line to the throne do not have the right to marry without the permission of the Monarch. The spouse of the Monarch is expected to walk behind their husband or wife, two heirs cannot fly on the same plane, and they are not allowed to discuss politics in public.

There are strict dress codes and when eating with the Monarch, all guests must stop their meals when the King or Queen is finished. Likewise, when the Monarch stands up, so must everyone else, and public displays of affection are seriously frowned upon.

American Meghan Markle, who is married to the King’s son Prince Harry, is reported to have described Royal protocol as “silly” and said she “hated” being subjected to such strict controls. A former palace aide said that overall, Meghan was unimpressed by her Royal experience. She expected to live in a palace and was surprised to move into a small cottage with her husband.

“I don’t think in the whole of history there was ever a greater divide between what someone expected when they became a member of the Royal family and what they discovered it was really like. She was hugely disappointed,” the staff member said.

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