Rudy Giuliani Gets Surprise Letter From Hunter Biden’s Lawyers

( — Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is among a group of 14 people to receive a letter from Hunter Biden’s legal team demanding that they “preserve potential evidence for future lawsuits related to the alleged theft of personal data that may include information from his laptop.” The letter is reportedly part of a strategy by Biden’s lawyers to intimidate allies of Donald Trump who they intend to sue for disseminating data they say may be the private property of their client. The letter opens by informing recipients that they have made statements about Hunter Biden in public and that “a litigation hold should be in effect for the preservation and retention of all records and documents related to Mr. Biden.”

Biden’s legal team said they are going back as far as 2008 to ensure they capture evidence of a sustained attack on the Biden family. It went on to state that Hunter Biden has nothing to hide and the recipients of the letter will be held to account for their wrongdoing.

The letter was sent to Mr. Giuliani as well as political strategist Steve Bannon, Giuliani’s Attorney Robert Costello, Donald Trump’s former political advisor Roger Stone, and Brian Della Rocca, the Attorney representing John Paul Mac Isaac, the computer repairman who first obtained the laptop that led to the Hunter Biden scandal just before the 2020 Presidential election. Biden had left his laptop at a Delaware store in 2019 and it was later found to contain information revealing potential corruption involving the President and his son. Twitter later admitted it had suppressed the story to ensure the scandal did not engulf Biden’s campaign.

President Biden has told PBS news that the American public is not interested in his family scandals or potentially corrupt business dealings. However, polling shows that 61% of voters believe that the President was consulted about or profited from his son’s dealings with foreign countries including Ukraine and China.

The letter has been described by Trump insiders as “desperate, frivolous, and laughable.”

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