Rudy Giuliani Says Oligarchs Are “Taking Control” Of America

(PatriotWise)- Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who represented President Donald Trump during his months-long fight to ensure 2020 presidential election security, published a video this week claiming that oligarchs are taking over America and that agitators purposely instigated violence in Washington, D.C. recently to make Republicans look bad.

During the latest episode of Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense, a regular show he publishes on whatever social media networks still allow him to, America’s Mayor extensively discussed the violence that occurred on January 6. He also revealed interesting information about how an Antifa agent was embedded within the crowd and encouraged violence at the rally.

Importantly, Giuliani does not dismiss the involvement of some pro-Trump protestors but made the important point that some people were present in the rally who were not Trump supporters. And they even engaged in violence and stormed the Capitol Building.

In the video, Giuliani also shows clear footage that shows commands being shouted by an Antifa agent telling people to tart scaling a wall. Footage even shows police directing rioters.

Perhaps most disturbingly of all, Giuliani presented footage showing that Antifa rioters may have purposely been allowed to riot, while Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt was shot dead.

“Something very serious has gone wrong with us,” Giuliani says. “Much more serious than we realize. The erosion of our rights. The attack on our rights. The oligarchs taking control of our country is very, very dangerous.”

Giuliani also expressed his anger at the media taking the situation in Washington, D.C. that was organized by violent rioters but blamed on “decent people who have a difference of opinion.”

After the January 6 riot, which lasted a handful of hours (unlike the year of Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots we just suffered), supporters of President Trump have been labeled violent insurrectionists and the president wrongly accused of inciting a riot.

Giuliani also reminded viewers that much of the vitriol towards Trump supporters comes from the Democrats and media pundits refusing to recognize the existence of fraud and misconduct in the last election.

“The difference of opinion supported by many facts, many details, videos, scientific analysis, 1,000 affidavits,” he said. “It’s not just a whim or a guess or a thought. Much of it is provable fact. If we can’t discuss that in this country, if we can’t discuss that without people being threatened by jail, without people losing their jobs, without people losing their ability to go about their lives normally, then this country has changed in a way that we have got to change back to what it used to be.”

Check out Rudy’s latest episode in the video at the beginning of this piece!