Rudy Giuliani WINS Massive Victory – Media Won’t Talk About It!

Rudy Giuliani Wins Massive Legal Victory

( – According to reports back in August, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was anticipated to avoid any federal charges in connection with a FARA probe.

On Monday, New York Federal prosecutors informed a federal judge that “criminal charges are not forthcoming based on material now available to the Government about Rudy Giuliani.”

Federal prosecutors accused Giuliani of breaking the Foreign Agents Registration Act by allegedly dealing with Ukrainian authorities.

Giuliani has insisted on his innocence ever since the probe got underway. One of Giuliani’s attorneys, Robert Costello, hailed Monday’s verdict as a “complete win.”

Remember that the FBI searched Rudy’s home in April 2021?

The FBI seized over 18 electronic devices in all and looked into Rudy’s iCloud storage.

When Rudy asked FBI investigators if they wanted Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive, they declined, making it one of the raid’s most iconic and ironic moments.

According to Giuliani’s attorney, the FBI returned the confiscated electronic devices to him as a hint that the investigation was coming to a close.

Robert Costello, the attorney for Mayor Giuliani, stated in a statement, “We have said for the past three years that Mayor Giuliani did nothing wrong, and now the SDNY (Southern District of New York) said we were right.”

According to a search warrant, American agents wanted to look through Giuliani’s correspondence with more than a dozen people, including the former president of Ukraine and a senior Ukrainian prosecutor.

Additionally, they were looking for correspondence with any U.S. government representative or employee on Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine who Trump dismissed in 2019 after Giuliani singled her for criticism.

Giuliani, 78, is also the subject of a state-level criminal investigation in Georgia because of efforts by Trump and his associates to reverse his loss to Biden in the 2020 presidential race.

In 2020, Giuliani pleaded with the state’s lawmakers to deny certification of Biden’s victory in Georgia. Giuliani complied with a judge’s order to appear before a subpoena in August and appeared before a Fulton County grand jury.

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