Rush Limbaugh’s ELECTION PREDICTION Just Came True After His Death!

Rush Limbaugh Predicted How Democrats Wanted To Change Elections

( – Democrats recently supported a candidate who could not speak in entire sentences, hid in his basement, and could only get a small crowd to his public “rally” of a few dozen people honking their horns.

But for some reason, Democrats never expressed concern.

Democrats were never in full-on panic mode. This was a major tip-off.
They didn’t shake hands or kiss babies. They weren’t worried. They were content because they had a plan.

Rush Limbaugh once noted this. The famous American radio broadcaster informed his sizable listenership of what the Democrats were up to. He believes he was correct, too.

According to Limbaugh, they don’t believe in campaigning. They don’t think they should have to convince anyone to agree with them. They reject the idea of a free exchange of ideas. Other than their own, there are no good or valid thoughts.

They don’t think it’s right to give authority to anyone who isn’t already on their side. If this describes them psychologically, who are they if they don’t care about convincing others or gaining control as a result of widespread support from the public?

They do not desire to have the power to come from the populace.

Elections codify all of these ways of thinking and acting. Why do we have elections? It could be about anything.

He believes you may be more attractive than the other guy, after all. You will distribute more welfare than the other person. You will defeat our adversaries more effectively than anyone else. Whatever it is, winning elections requires convincing millions of people to vote for you. They dislike being forced to do that. They are a minority, which is one explanation. They are unable to convince the majority of people.
They cannot win over the majority of Americans to their cause, Black Lives Matter. They can’t get most people in the country to agree to support setting American cities and private property on fire. They cannot convince most Americans to support their views on banning guns and free speech. They are unable to get anyone to agree with that.

The Democrats of the present day must go through the motions of campaigning and trying to win the hearts and minds of people, but they hate it to death. They despise elections so much that as soon as they can find a method to do away with them, they will.

So how do they win in the meantime?

That’s a good question.

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