Russian Jets Practice Bombing Near NATO Drills

( If you thought President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent meeting after the G7 summit was a sign that the relationship between our two countries is getting better…then think again.

Reports last week revealed how Russian jets recently practised bombing enemy ships only a handful of days after Russia threatened to sink a British destroyer that was sailing near Russia.

It comes after Russian President Putin said that he could attack any Western vessel he likes because Western countries know “full well” that they “can’t win in that war.”

That sounds like a threat, doesn’t it?

Russian bombers were reportedly performing the rehearsal bombings against ships in the Black Sea, and the Russian President wasn’t afraid to admit it.

In an hour-long question and answer session on Russian TV, Putin said that even if his military had sunk the British ship near Crimea, it’s unlikely that it would have caused a Third World War because the West knows that they cannot win against Russia.

He said that Russian fighter jets were on their own land, and were fighting for themselves and their future.

Putin ordered his military to perform the practice drills as NATO forces underwent “Sea Breeze” war games, in a show of force against Russia as tensions heat up between Russia and the West. Only last month, Russian warships fired shots at Western forces and a Russian plane even dropped bombs in the path of a British destroyer, HMS Defender. The ships were close to Crimean waters – a contested piece of land that Russia insists is Russian.

British military forces said that the ship wasn’t fired at directly when it was sailing through Ukrainian sea borders.

The ongoing NATO exercises in the Black Sea will last for around two weeks and will be performed by roughly 5,000 members of Western militaries. It involves a total of 40 aircraft and 30 ships.

And as all of this is happening, the West depends on…President Joe Biden…to negotiate with Russia.

How confident do you feel about that?