San Francisco Struggles to Fill Empty Storefronts Downtown

( — In the United States, no matter the region, average Americans are struggling. Since the 46th President of the nation, Joe Biden, took office in January 2021, turmoil and volatility have been experienced across the union. Whether it be inflation, which has reached historic highs—striking levels not attained in decades—or the crisis at the southern border, which has resulted in millions of illegal migrants crossing the U.S. Mexico boundary, problems have encapsulated all areas of political policy. The quality of life has markedly declined for working class citizens in areas across the nation- in both urban centers and suburban communities. In one city on the west coast, economic conditions have reached a critical point for the small businesses operating within city limits; storefronts remain shuttered and vacant in sizeable numbers, three years removed from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In large part due to criminal reform policies promoted and enacted by politicians at both the municipal and state levels of government, crime levels have risen across the entire Golden State and the infamous city. Likely emboldened by weak policies that limit penalties for seemingly low level crimes and cashless bail “reforms”, individuals bent on breaking the law have frequently looted and robbed stores across San Francisco, often facing virtually no consequences. What’s worse- the homeless population in the city continues to increase, worsening the issue. With over 8,000 homeless individuals estimated to be living on the streets of the city, human waste has begun to become a common sight on the city streets. These factors, of lawlessness and general dirtiness have resulted in many chain outlets shuttering locations within the municipality. This has also acted as a deterrent to law-abiding citizens, and customers who once frequented retail establishments now refuse to return. The sad reality of the failed progressive criminal reform policies enacted in California should serve as a warning to states and cities across the nation.

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