Santa Arrested At Germany COVID Protest As Free Speech Continues To Die

( Several weeks ago, someone posted a video to Twitter purportedly showing a man dressed as Santa getting arrested by German police.

The video went viral and was shared by others who claimed Santa was arrested for not wearing a mask. That claim then cropped up on a number of websites, which only goes to show, you should never get your news from a random video posted on Twitter.

After the video went viral, the Stralsund police were forced to issue a statement the next day saying the man dressed as Santa was one of 65 people protesting against COVID measures and vaccine mandates. The protest was “unregistered” which, in Germany, is a violation of the “Assembly Act” of 1953.

According to the statement, after the Santa man refused to give the police his name, he was detained until police could confirm his identity, then he was released. But after further investigation, police determined that he violated the “Assembly Act.”

In other words, the video showed Santa man getting detained while police figured out his identity and concluded that he was arrested when he wasn’t.

What’s more, the police action was not prompted by COVID mandates, but by a law that has been on the books in Germany for nearly sixty years.

The Assembly Act requires anyone who wants to hold a public meeting to register with the proper authority at least 48 hours in advance. Holding a public meeting without registration is punishable by up to one year in jail or a fine. Police can shut down an unregistered meeting or a registered meeting that deviates from the conditions of the registration.

There is no doubt that Germany’s Assembly Act is getting quite a workout lately thanks to widespread protests over the country’s stringent COVID policies.

In its statement on Santa man, the Stralsund police noted that two other protests occurred on the same day and that criminal proceedings were initiated at those locations as well.