School Board Boots Critical Race Theory Protestors Out Of Meeting

( This past week, parents again descended on the Loudoun County School Board meeting to protest against critical race theory. And this time, the school board had the Sheriff declare the board meeting an “unlawful assembly” as a way to force parents out of the meeting.

When two parents refused to comply, Sheriff’s deputies arrested them.

While Loudoun County Virginia is Ground Zero in the war against Critical Race Theory in public schools. The pushback that began there is starting to spread throughout the country.

On Tuesday, a number of Kentucky parents were kicked out of the Jefferson County Board of Education work session during the board’s discussion of the district’s strategic plan.

Approximately forty people gathered outside before the board meeting began to protest critical race theory in the schools. They then proceeded inside to confront the board.

When one board member thanked the school district for keeping “racial equity as a part of the strategy” the group of protesters erupted in outrage.

The chairperson told one woman in the audience to come to order, however the woman refused. So the chairperson recessed the meeting and a security officer approached the women and told her to leave.

Naturally this set tempers raging among others in the audience. The protesters began to shout at the board – half of whom walked out of the meeting room.

Eventually some protesters left voluntarily, but others had to be escorted out by security.

One board member told the protesters, “You can always get a lawyer and sue us, but you’re going to leave right now.”

One board member argued with the protesters telling them that critical race theory is not on the district’s curriculum – which is technically true. Back in May the district removed mentions of critical race theory from outlines of a new elective course called “Developing Black Historical Consciousness.”

But removing “mentions” doesn’t necessarily mean the ideology behind CRT has been removed as well. The semantics game has become an all-to-common tactic to beat back opposition to critical race indoctrination.

But CRT by any other name is still CRT.