Schools Unveil Insane Liberal Trash To Target Your Children

( This week, the National Pulse reported the details of the sex education curriculum Austin Independent School District in Texas attempted to implement in 2020.

In a detailed look at the class materials and lesson plans, the National Pulse outlined the explicit nature of the program that would have been taught to children as young as kindergarteners.

Lesson plans include teaching children about sexual orientation, “gender identity,” oral sex, masturbation, and contraceptives. Handouts included a cartoon “Genderbread Person” to help teach little children about “gender identity.”

The curriculum is based on the National Sex Education Standards updated in 2020 by The Future of Sex Education Initiative.

These sex education standards were updated to include “consent and healthy relationships, gender identity and sexual orientation, and racial justice and equity.” It was developed in large part with the assistance of Planned Parenthood and far Left organization called The Advocates for Youth.

The Advocates for Youth advocates for both “LGBTQ rights” and contraceptive “rights.”

These guys and an abortion mill are now designing sex education for America’s children.

According to the National Pulse, the new standards “blend more traditional sex education with far-left ideas of transgenderism, abortion normalization, and promiscuity.”

By the end of the school year, second graders should be able to identify male and female body parts. By the time they graduate high school, students are expected to know “the human sexual response cycle” as well as tell the difference between biological sex, sexual orientation and gender identity.

The National Pulse report goes into explicit detail of what children are being exposed to under these “National Sex Education Standards.” It is not for the faint of heart.

While the Austin Independent School District curriculum which the National Pulse features was never implemented – thanks to community backlash — other schools throughout the country are also using the same or similar materials in their sex education classes.

The recent focus on school districts and the teaching of Critical Race Theory is also bringing parents’ attention to this kind of inappropriate instruction as well.