Seattle Police Official Says CHAZ Residents STOPPED Officers Finding Shooting Victim…and Culprits

( The so-called “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” which has been occupied by extremist left-wing activists for weeks now saw its biggest tragedy yet over the weekend. After a fatal shooting took place within the occupied zone, the Seattle Police Officers Guild President Michael Solan told Fox & Friends that protesters in the CHOP stopped police officers from being able to respond to the shooting.

Solan said that “violence has now besieged the zone” and that it no longer looks like the “summer of love” that Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said it was. Instead, he said it looked like a “summer of chaos” and that protesters stopped police officers from being able to enter their “block party” to provide aid or look for the people who committed the shooting.

“Violence has now besieged the area known as CHOP, and it is no longer the summer of love, it’s the summer of chaos,” he said. “And, early this morning, that violence was raw and real where one of our community members lost their life, and police are still not allowed into that area, and were prevented from providing that police service to the area to locate victims and or render aid.”

Can you imagine that? A shooting takes place in the “occupied protest” and nobody wants the police involved to get justice for the person who died, and to arrest the persons involved with the shooting.

CHOP is a new name for the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or “CHAZ.” It has been renamed by local activists presumably in an attempt to move away from their “autonomous” claims, given that they are anything but autonomous. Video footage emerged over the weekend of one local CHOP “warlord” complaining that ambulances weren’t coming into the zone for fears regarding their own safety.

If they’re so autonomous, why don’t they have their own medics, and why are they having to put out calls to people living in normal parts of America to ship in supplies?

Autonomous? No. Occupied? Yes.