Secret New Police Stations Spotted On US Soil

Secret New Police Stations Are Popping Up Across America

( – In early October, a group of House Republicans sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and Secretary of State Antony Blinken questioning the presence of a Chinese police service station in New York City.

The 21 lawmakers expressed their “grave concern” over reports of an overseas police service station established in New York earlier this year which they described as “a further step of China’s illicit long-arm policing” on US soil “that violates our sovereignty.”

The lawmakers, led by Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks of Indiana, sent the letter in response to a September report from NGO Safeguard Defenders which revealed China has set up at least 54 overseas police service stations on five different continents, including the United States as part of its global transnational repression.

The New York City location was among the “first batch” of 30 overseas police service stations set up in 21 countries by the Public Security Bureau in Fuzhou city, the capital of Fujian province along the southern coast of China.

Called Fuzhou Police Oversea Service Station, the New York location is at 107 East Broadway inside the headquarters of the nonprofit group, the American Changle Association.

The Chinese nonprofit associations that are hosting these police service stations often have links to the Chinese regime’s “United Front” system, a network of thousands of overseas groups overseen by the United Front Work Department, a powerful CCP agency working to advance regime interests overseas through foreign influence operations, suppressing dissidents, intelligence gathering, and facilitating technology theft.

In their letter, the lawmakers note that the Trump administration placed visa restrictions on United Front Work Department officials whom former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said “engaged in malign activities to coopt and coerce those who oppose Beijing’s policies.

The lawmakers provided Garland and Blinken with six questions regarding the Chinese government exercising “extraterrestrial law enforcement unilaterally on U.S. soil,” and gave them until October 21 to respond.

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