Secret Service Confirms Mike Pence Rode Out January 6th On Loading Dock

( In the trial for January 6 defendant Couy Griffin, founder of “Cowboys for Trump,” Secret Service inspector Lanelle Hawa revealed where former Vice President Mike Pence was taken during the 3-hour riot at the Capitol.

According to Hawa’s testimony on Monday, after Secret Service rushed him out of the Senate chamber, Pence spent around four or five hours secured at an underground loading dock beneath the Capitol while the riot occurred.

Griffin was facing two misdemeanor charges, disorderly conduct and entering a restricted area, in connection to his involvement in the 3-hour riot. His defense had requested that the judge in the case allow questioning about Pence’s precise location. Prosecutors had objected arguing that disclosing where the Secret Service secured Pence could jeopardize the “continuing security of the vice president of the United States.”

However, when the judge, Trevor McFadden, allowed the line of questioning, it was prosecutor Kimberly Paschall who asked inspector Hawa for Pence’s precise location.

Hawa recounted taking the former vice president down a staircase to a secure location underground. When Paschall asked where specifically Pence was moved, Hawa identified the location as the loading dock underneath the Capitol building on the Senate side.

The loading dock was part of the restricted area the Secret Service established on January 6.

Griffin had chosen not to have a jury trial, opting instead for a bench trial.

On Tuesday, Judge McFadden found Griffin guilty on the count of entering a restricted area but acquitted him on the second charge of disorderly conduct.

In his verdict, McFadden said the evidence presented showed that Griffin crossed three walls and would have seen the fencing in the area. He said the fencing would have suggested “to a normal person” that this area was off-limits.

In acquitting Griffin of the disorderly conduct charge, McFadden cited video footage from January 6 and noted that Griffin was never seen engaging in property destruction or physical violence.

After the trial, Griffin told reporters that he wears January 6 “as a badge of honor.”

He is scheduled to be sentenced in June.